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S&S Associates provides opportunities to students from law colleges/schools from all over the country to undertake an internship at their office. During the internship, the interns are supervised by the partners and associates 


  • Apprenticeship time can be 4 weeks; 8 weeks; 4 months; or 1 year, subject to election of candidate and availability of office.

  • Nominees nominated for a one-year term will be offered the position of 'Training Attorney'.

  • Interested law graduates or law students pursuing studies (2nd and 3rd year 3rd and 3rd to 5th-year courses only) at any recognized College / Law School / University may submit their application in a closed format.

  • A completed application form and student CV must reach us at least two months before the required training date.

  • A certificate will be issued to the trainee at the end of his or her training after a job test.

  • As part of this program, the trainee will get information - Legal research, legal writing, interview preparation, and court visits.

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