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How to file an FIR : A Guide

Step 1

Visit the Nearest Police station and describe the complete details relating to the complaint to the Police


Step 2

FIR can be Filed in 2 ways

  1. Verbally

  2. Written

Either tell the complete information to the police orally every detail of the incident or write down the details yourself including every detail

Step 3

If more details are mentioned in verbal format its the responsibility of the officer to mention every particular and then make an entry in the general Diary In case the details were submitted in written form then you must carry two copies which include one copy to be forwarded to the duty officer. The other be returned to you

Step 4

Police will go through the details mentioned by you then the complete information will be read over to you then you will need to sign the FIR once the information has been recorded by the police (Note Sign after verifying every detail that is mentioned in fir do not sign before confirming)

Step 5

A copy of FIR will be provided to you free of cost with FIR No, Date of FIR and name of the police station.

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