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Supreme Court | Extension on limitation

Extension on limitation ordered by Apex Court

As of the Recent Development Apex Court in its Latest Order Dated 23rd September 2021 Disposed of The M.A.No 655/2021 and have observed that the period 15-03-2020 to 02-10-2021 will be excluded from the limitation period for any suit/appeal/application/proceeding also any remaining limitation period remaining as of 15-03-2021, will be availed from 03-10-2021

Also In Cases where the limitation period have expired anytime between 15-03-2020 and 02-10-2021, Regardless of the actual balance remaining the limitation period for the individuals will be of 90 days starting from 03-10-2021 whereas in case the actual period remaining is longer then 90 days then the longer period will be applicable.



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