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Police Refusing to register an FIR


It would be no surprise that to see crimes in the present time consider crime just committed with you or your near ones you go to police station hoping that police will take appropriate action against the criminal but instead of taking any action officer denies filing your complaint Now What to do?


Prima Facie the first and foremost action that a person can do is consult a lawyer regarding the denial to file an FIR and the basic actions that will be taken by the lawyer will include keeping a check with the laws and the crime committed, notifying the senior officials regarding the denial to file a fir

Then if appropriate action is initiated then well and good but if there is no proper action initiated then the next action that can be initiated is a complaint can be filed before the concerned judicial magistrate then the magistrate is empowered to take cognizance of the case on receiving such a complaint and direct the police to investigate the case.


Section 154(3) CRPC

Section 156(3) CRPC

Section 190 CRPC

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